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Correction to FCC 9 Third Supplement Online: Appendix XIII: Adulterants and Contaminants in Food Ingredients, Pesticide Residues

Type of Posting: Publication Correction
Posting Date: 18–Dec–2015

USP recently determined that there was an omission in the Pesticide Residues section of Appendix XIII: Adulterants and Contaminants in Food Ingredients that is appearing in the FCC 9 Third Supplement online product. This omission was also present in the online products for the FCC 9th Edition, FCC 9 First Supplement, and FCC 9 Second Supplement. 
In the Pesticide Residues section, the text between Table 2 and the unnumbered table in the “Quantitative Analysis of Organophosphorus Insecticides” subsection is missing from the online version of Appendix XIII. The text is available in the PDF of this Appendix on the online version. This text was also correct in the FCC 9th Edition print product. A PDF of the complete, correct version of Appendix XIII is attached.
An Erratum has been posted to the FCC Errata Table which can be found here. This text will appear corrected in the FCC 10 online product.
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