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Purchase Food Chemicals Codex (FCC)


The FCC is a compendium of internationally recognized standards for verifying the identity, quality and  purity of food ingredients. It provides manufacturers information on manufacturing and elemental impurities, assays and concentrations for over 1,200 food  ingredients, including processing aids, preservatives, flavorings, colorants, and nutrients. The FCC is revised and updated through an open collaborative revision process involving industry, government, and the public.

Subscriber Resources

Order your copy of FCC, Tenth Edition

Order the tenth edition of our indispensable food industry resource. FCC 10 features:

  • More than 45 additional monographs, including 8 probiotic monographs
  • 9 new general tests and assays
  • 17 appendices, including microbial food cultures
  • Includes pomegranate juice identify standard
  • PLUS: 2 International Food Additive Council QA documents on food additives and GRAS substances, and the Food Fraud Mitigation Guidance.


What's Inside FCC 10 (through First Supplement)


Admissions List. Find out what's new.

Annotated List. Learn what monographs, general chapters, reagents, and tables are affected by changes.

Subscription Information: Includes Three Supplements

  • Two-year subscription, available in print and online formats. Subscription includes a main edition and three supplements, which publish at six-month intervals during the subscription period. Each supplement contains significant new and revised standards and information. View publication and comment schedule.

Benefits & Applications

  • The FCC is an essential reference for food and beverage manufacturing, food chemicals and ingredient supply chain management, quality control, and regulatory affairs.
  • The latest edition provides accepted standards that include validated methods with the associated specifications—use them with global partners to manage your supply chain.
  • FCC standards can help differentiate suppliers and can help manufacturers save time and money on day-to-day purchasing and transactions.